I’m Not Perfect

Just to let you know, I am not perfect. What, you are shocked? I am as well. Actually, I have to remind myself of that often, because I expect and want to be brilliant – it all sounds so brilliant in my mind’s eye – and comes out in print rather mediocre. Mediocre is a word I don’t like. “Just do the best you can” rings in my head. But how hard is that to accept? I was searching for my blog yesterday and was surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) at how many times Forty-two came up. In fact, someone had started out a business blog talking of the very thing I did! And did it better, it seemed. Yesterday was also my first writing workshop EVER. As I listened to the range of responses to our writing assignment read aloud, I felt more and more certain that what I had written was wrong and weak. “You are your own worst critic.” Okay, this one is a bit of a comfort, but is not a blanket. It does not envelope me with the warmth that all will be okay and everyone will like me and think I am brilliant. But, this is where I’m at. I have to start somewhere.  I am starting by accepting I am not perfect. Ta da!

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Perfect

  • Gosh, Don’t beat yourself up! As a good friend told me, you should outsource that job to someone else! There are enough folks out there willing to do it for free, everyday. Stick up for yourself Forty-Two, Forty One here isn’t that far behind you… When I had my stroke 17+ years ago, one of my second cousins told me that she would have killed herself had that happened to her. So, on days when I’ve got the blues, I know that just by breathing, I’ve got a leg up on her 🙂 Find something that makes you realize how easy it is for you to be relevant. I hate that word, but it’s better than mediocre.

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