A Life in Transition

It’s been over three weeks now since I quit my job and started this new life.  Whatever that is exactly. You see, I read This Time I Dance by Tama Kieves at a friend’s recommendation before my big life change, which helped prepare me for what came next. Namely, this  period of transition where I have been stuck in a chasm, a nowhere land and feeling more than a bit lost. I had gotten used to a certain routine – getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home – and now have to establish a new one. But how do I go about doing that? It’s easier when your life is of the cookie cutter variety – you just follow the yellow brick road, no need to think things through. But now I must determine, on my OWN, how I would like to fill my days. And how to do that while keeping the gremlins at bay. You know, those pesky little (and sometimes not so little) voices in your head that tell you what you SHOULD be doing. For instance, I had this idea for a project: to interview folks who had dream jobs and write a book about it, maybe even a play. But those voices have got me wondering if I have the gumption to follow through, since I haven’t started working on the project yet. In spite of those doubting voices, I’ve decided to give myself this time of transition – to allow myself to empty my mind and body’s memories of what was – before trying on a new life. It takes a lot of faith in myself and the Universe (it will provide, have not fear!) as well as many naps (no joke!) to get through this Valley of the Shadow of Death to the other side where it is eternally spring and the blossoms are raining down happily on the fresh grass below.

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