Go with the Flow

Today is a gorgeous fall day! The sky is clear, the sun shining brilliantly, the temperature in the crisp 50s. It’s a day when anything seems possible. The weather is enticing me, seducing me outside, but first, I want to get out this blog. Ironically, I’m writing about going with the flow. That means doing whatever the spirit moves you to at that moment, what makes your heart sing. And for me, that would be joining up with the glorious great outdoors. It brings to mind times in my youth when I was practicing violin inside, while the song of birds and the smell of grass called to me outdoors. It was a conflict of interests – the shoulds versus the coulds. Should I continue on with my routine activities or could I go out and enjoy myself in an unrestricted, unplanned way? A clash of constriction versus freedom of movement. Of course, getting something done does have value. There’s the satisfaction of accomplishment. In contrast, doing something impromptu, unscheduled feels exhilarating because of the mysteriousness – where might this adventure take you? Some place new and never-to-for explored, most likely.  The unknown factor can scare people off. For them, sticking to something tried and true is safe and therefore better. But, may I encourage you to take the road less traveled, try it on for one day. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results. Although, results are not what going with the flow is all about. It is the journey itself, the being in the moment, that is the gift. Of course, you can go back any time in your mind and enjoy anew your adventures. That is the added bonus.

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