Being Grateful

Last night when I told myself for the umpteenth time that tomorrow I was gonna get stuff done, I had no idea that today I’d actually follow through and kick it into high gear, starting with hauling all the icky garbage down to the curb. Wow! Cool! Part of me was saying “from now on I’m gonna be this way!” And “I could really get things done if I was like this all the time!” But the quiet part of me smiled and was grateful for this day. I know that life is simply not like that, especially for me. I am an admittedly Type B person. If I were a Type A, I would be crabby and unhappy, I think. Still, it is nice to feel in control for a while. For this, I feel grateful.

I spent some time today figuring out what to do about health insurance, since I have to pay out-of-pocket now. And I think I found a viable alternative to COBRA. For this, I am grateful and super psyched!

The view from my bedroom window indicated a beautiful fall day. I took a picture of my cat sitting in a high perch and another of the view to beautiful fall foliage with the Alfred E. Smith Building off in the distance. (At least I think that’s the building!) Later, I went for a walk to the store to get some groceries. There, I thought I saw an old friend who quit her job last year working the cash register. If it was her, she had lost a lot of weight and looked rather mousey under her large round glasses and long hair that despite being pulled into a ponytail was still getting into her face. First I thought, well, things are going so much better for me. And then, “for that I am grateful!” Because, you never know what might befall you in life. Not only that, but as I returned home, relaxing into the fading afternoon sun still gleaming on the gorgeous leaves, crows raucous overhead, I started to know what life is really all about!

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