What Others Think

I love Gary Larson comics and lament the fact that he is no longer producing them. My favorite, I think, is two boxes – the first entitled “how we see flowers.” Here the flowers in question are beaming and lovely. The second frame is captioned “how flowers see themselves.” Here the same said flowers are looking cross-eyed and sticking out their tongues.  At first, I thought it meant the flowers were wacky and fun loving inside, but then a further meaning occured to me – that they saw themselves as odd and unattractive. I guess the concept was so foreign to me that flowers could be unattractive, my mind couldn’t go there! And so it is with people. It is certainly a strange thought to me that Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry could feel ugly, even sometimes. And yet, probably they have those days, as do we all, where at least some feature does not appeal to them and surely it is noticable to everyone else – that tiny pimple or ingrown hair. I do believe it is a universal human concern what others think of us. Generally, we are our own worst critic. But what happens when someone you care about is critical of you? What does this ultimately mean? This is something I am presently pondering, after an incident this weekend that sent me reeling with hurt. I tried to tell myself that what others say has more to do with themselves than with me. And that if it bothers me so much, it’s really something INSIDE that I need to deal with. And why do we/I care so much what others think? It may take some time for the light to hit me but I think it has something to do with not believing and standing up for myself. Perhaps if I had true faith, it all wouldn’t matter. Sure, we all need support and love from others, and no man is an island, but the true support we need is from ourselves. Because there are times, whether we want to be or not, that we are alone in this world and what a difference it would make if we could be our own comfort!

3 thoughts on “What Others Think

  • Lisa,
    I am really enjoying your columns! I love the way you take incidents from your daily life and dig deeply to explore how they apply to the general human condition! I don’t have any great wisdom or comments to make … just that your pieces make me think and that’s something my rusty, sleep-deprived brain needs these days! Thank you so much.

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