The World is a Very Large Oyster

Have you ever noticed that when you have all the time in the world at your disposal, it can be very challenging to determine how to best make use of it? When you have limited time, then you have to choose wisely only those things that are truly precious to you. This makes life easier, but also safer. When you have so much time, you have so many options available to you. You can do time wasters, such as computer games or checking out facebook, or get out there and try new things. I have been doing a mix of both (perhaps too much of the former!) but have found myself questioning desires, such as wanting to travel to Germany. Why do I need to go again, after being there last year, when there are so many other countries still unexplored? Behind that inquiry is the worry that I will not have the time or resources to do all the things I want to do, like see the whole world. And the anxiety that my choices are proving to be too safe. Last night I dreamed that I saw an insect on the floor that sudden exploded and produced thousands of baby insects – over and over again. I guess that’s telling me this problem is bugging me. That, or I’m worried about getting someone’s germs! With all the possibilities out there in the world, why choose this one? And why can’t I get off the fence? Perhaps the only way to know is to go ahead, take the leap (even if I consider it a small non-worthy one) and buy the tickets. Who knows, maybe some amazing adventures still exist in places I have already been!

10 thoughts on “The World is a Very Large Oyster

  • when there are so many other countries still unexplored

    Ooh, good point! You could go to Spain! And then I could be jealous!

    Hmm, that’s not very helpful, is it?

    • Ooh, thanks for the suggestion, Chrys. Not enough time for both this time around, but hope to try another country soon! How about you?

      • India is probably my next big trip. We’ll be traveling there sometime late next year (I’ve been once already and can’t wait to go back).

        My wish list of countries to visit is so long!

  • This won’t help either . . . visit me in Australia!

    I am totally intrigued by what motivates different people to travel. Is it for leisure, learning, adventure, social, cultural exchange, status? Figure out what drives your desire to travel and choose the destination that will best meet that.

    . . . and if all that fails come to Oz. I can give you kangaroos and wallabies morning and night, a bed in a mud brick house powered by the sun.

      • Lisa I’ve been back in Oz for a few years now, living in the bush an hour north of Melbourne. I’m coaching and doing retreats with ‘women between lives at midlife’. Living simply, off the grid, growing veggies, traveling. I’m off to Broome in the far north west next week. Life is good. What about you?

      • Sounds awesome! Well, as you see here in my blog, I’m doing some mid-life exploration of ways to be creative of my own!

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