Home Again Jiggity Jig

Sorry to keep you all hanging for so long. I have been back already a while now but have not been feeling much like writing. I think I’ve been doing a lot of processing of my Europe trip and what it means to me. It was very nice to see many friends – one I had seen as recently as September and another I hadn’t seen for twelve years now! Wonderful to be in a setting where the world slows down a bit – not sure if that is vacationland or Europe itself. My friends pampered me, feeding me lovely meals, making sure I had all I needed. And asked questions about my life. As well as I them. It was good to catch up, to have intimate enriching conversations with a variety of folks, each one unique and special to me. It gave me pause to remember what my life was previously like in Europe and how it might be in the future. But most importantly, to pause in the moment, to smell the wood or coal burning, to see the houses lay out below me from a tower, to listen for the meaning behind the words. This experience has made life seem all the more precious to me and for this, I am grateful! A very peaceful and merry holiday season to you all!

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