Desperately Seeking Spring

Despite my best efforts to find activities to fill my ample time, I have not been able to shake the feelings of inertia. This week has been full of dark days. The weather has been overcast. The sun peeked out only briefly at sunset yesterday. I could swear last week, I was feeling much more alive and well when the sunshine was so bright on my drive to see a miniature show over two hours away. To say I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is an understatement. It seems that I am literally under the weather, unable to lift my mood. Perhaps it has something to do with sameness. I am spending still WAY too much time at home. I definitely have cabin fever. But one small voice outside my window is giving me some encouragement. It is a cardinal who has changed his song, which indicates that spring is just around the corner! And it leaves me with a miniscule amount of hope that all will be well after all!

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