I have a Gary Larson cartoon I clipped and saved for my memories years ago. It is of a projectionist peering down at his glasses that have fallen from the booth into the theater while the audience is yelling “Focus, Focus!” It reminds me of my college years when one of my work/study jobs was as a film projectionist. This is in the days where you had to change reels at just the right moment and make sure that there were no sound defects, picture fuzziness, or, horror of horrors, meltdowns!, all of which of course did happen over my four years of film operation. It was a heady responsibility, making sure the audience’s viewing experience was as an enjoyable as possible. Although when things didn’t work out and folks started yelling, I felt like yelling back, “I’m doing the best I can! Hold your horses!” Lately, I’ve been thinking that same thing when I read about how one needs to have focus in life – every day, focus on a goal you want to see come to fruition. I assume “they” are talking about the same daily goal. I am not such a person to have such singular focus. I like to switch things up a bit. I wonder and worry if this means I will never get anywhere, never achieve anything. But is that my real purpose here on this planet? I’ve been thinking it was to have as many experiences (positive, hopefully!) as possible and share them with others. But I ALSO feel I might be missing out on the satisfaction of having worked and worked at something and finally achieved a goal that I never thought I had the gumption, skill, strength to reach. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could do things my way – focus on whatever I wanted each day and still ultimately have everything come together in some wonderful master put-together puzzle? That would be bliss!

2 thoughts on “Focus!

  • Hi!

    I had saved this very same cartoon for me some years ago, but I lost it. Would you mind sending me a scanned copy of it and/or telling where to find it?

    Thank you,
    Osvaldo Emery

    • Hi Osvaldo!
      Thanks very much for reading my blog! I will be happy to send the Gary Larson cartoon to you, although I’m not sure how to attach it here. I will send it to your email address.
      Best wishes,

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