Yes, I Can!

In the first part of Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, she breaks out a list of rules for herself with the aim that she would be happier if she followed them.  “Hoo boy!,” I thought, “Just what I need, some rules!” But now some months later, I’m changing my mind. Why not? They are MY rules, anything I want to be and have in my life! The first one is believing that I can actually do ANYTHING. I find myself often thinking about doing something and then stopping myself with something equivalent to “I can’t do THAT!” And my soul sinks. Recently, I’ve decided to counteract that self-defeating thought with “Yes, I can! Why not?” “Well,” my gremlin grumbles, “you’ve never been able to do it before.” “So? Now is a perfect time to find a different conclusion to the story! Wouldn’t it be fun to see what actually might happen?” “I suppose. It’s your funeral…” Well, actually, the self-critical voice simmers down a lot, right after I say “I CAN!” It’s as if I’ve called its bluff, seen behind the big curtain the wizened little man and realized it’s all smokes and mirrors. So, from now on, whenever my gremlin gives me grief about what I wanna do, I’m gonna strike back with positive strokes – Bam! The power of the heart!

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