Sorry, we have a bad Connection…


My cat is sitting out on the roof, listening to the robin happily singing its early morning song. I think she (my cat, that is) has a special affinity to birds. She has caught several of them, but more in play than with malice. Such a pairing is highly unlikely. Birds are naturally fragile and see cats as predators. And yet she continues her vigil at the window or out on the roof – her homage to the song and the soar of the winged creatures.

Connections are such varied beasts. Some times you just don’t have a clue about someone else. Like the guy who spoke to me at Subway yesterday evening. “You aren’t going out to dinner tonight?” “Um, yeah, I’m eating here at Subway!” Turned out he meant a REAL restaurant, somewhere more intimate than Subway, and where he would like to take me if he had my phone number. I fled the scene so fast, I left my bag behind! Then there are connections that are inexplicable – someone who is so different from you in intrinsic ways, and yet somehow you seem to get him and he seems to get you. But he doesn’t get the magnitude of this phenomenon. So is it a true connection? I don’t know but my feelings are intense. And will not fade easily. Sad but somehow the sweetness lingers…

My kitty turns her head toward me and sees me watching her. She looks back out toward the sound of the bird song but in a little bit, heads my way and greets me, tail high, ready for me to pet her. Ah, there’s a connection not to be denied. She knew I was there and she wanted me to know she was there too. Some hope that all is not lost!

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