Now for something completely different (already)

A good friend of mine came for an impromptu extended stay this week. It was a wonderful time – long walks, good talks, great eats, nice treats, relaxing hammock breaks, and a lovely tour of Trader Joe’s (Joe Fresh to my guest). I didn’t have anytime to write; when I have someone over, I like to devote all my time to that person. Actually, I seem to prefer socializing to getting things done; enjoy the sweet moments of now – fireflies in the evening sky and kitties soaking up the summer air. I’ve been noticing my funds vanishing faster than they are replenishing and try to remain confident that more will come my way. I wonder: is there some way I can harvest my passion for hearing and telling stories so I can live from them?  At the very least, I want to truly believe in myself and in my way of doing things. Forego the anxious thoughts about my supposed inability to provide financially for myself and believe that a map shall be provided step by step and all I need is faith to find my path. I spoke with another ambitious and enthusiastic friend this evening about how she has reached her goals. She told me she never seemed to have a problem; just filled her life with all of what she wanted. And although I do not imagine myself to be the same as her, perhaps she has found the key to success, the magic formula to happiness: simply fill your life with what you want – all the things you enjoy – and how can you go wrong?

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