From Facebook to Face to Face

I meant to post my last post three days ago but somehow it didn’t go through. Right after I wrote it, I had to rescue a sparrow from my cat. She has never killed any birds up till now but they don’t like to be playthings! 

The first day, I made it to Trumansburg where a former fellow college mate and her family live. Nancy, Alex and Aurora reside outside of town with one young, very loving labradoodle and two older also adoring cats. We caught up over some cold chai and headed out to see some waterfalls, the Taughannock and Treman Falls. The first is an impressively tall falls flowing from a crevice between two rocks in a bowl shaped cavern, whereas the second is a series of smaller falls through narrow gorges and over flat slate rocks until you arrive at a more massive curving spill. Both are gorgeous. Afterwards we were well famished and went to eat at a local Italian establishment where the chicken Marsala was tender and tasty.

During the night’s stay in the sewing room, I was kept company by alternate visits from the kitties. It was raining in the morning, which set the tone for the day. When I went to roll up my bedding, I discovered it had been christened by cat pee! I didn’t want to create a scene but I also thought my friend should know one of their cats had some urinary issues. Nancy was fairly horrified but took care of washing the bedding. Probably the first time my sleeping bag got washed in twenty-two years! 

Then it was time to meet another former Wellsian at the Ithaca bakery. We shared stories over bagels and beverages and then decided to tour Ecovillage, an intentional sustainable community, about five minutes away. When I went to unlock my car, I noticed a bent nail in my rear left tire! After we walked around the community and talked to another former college mate about the place, we started focusing on a solution to the tire situation. We ended up finding a Mavis Tire open for just another hour. Luckily they had the tire I needed and were able to switch it out within the hour, while Amy and I bought some wine from a grumpy but informative liquor store owner. When we stopped to buy some cake at the local coop, we ran onto a former art professor who remembered Amy enough to ask questions about her poetry! This is after twenty plus years! Amy and her husband Gary allowed me not only to stay with them and their three cats but brought me to dine with Gary’s brother’s family who lived in the Ecovillage. They were equally as welcoming and we enjoyed delicious wine and a scrumptious meal Tina had made with the couple’s teenage sons. 

I slept well on the couch in the small but cozy living area and after a leisurely breakfast, drove off to say hi to another friend I met quite recently at a New Age spirituality event. She was at home enjoying the holiday with family, so I didn’t stay too long. I then visited Aurora and Wells, my alma mater. I didn’t speak to anyone there, just took in the sights. Some things were as I remembered them and evoked a strong sense of longing for a time past that I wished was still present but others, such as the fact that a once all woman’s college was now well populated by male students, was disappointing. 

My final destination for day three was my aunt, uncle, and cousin’s house outside Rochester, NY. It was good to chat with Heather who had recently taken her own 6 week journey around the US. So far, I have only traveled three and a half hours from home. The adventures have only just

Nancy and me
Nancy and me


begun. Next stop Toledo, Ohio!

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