It’s Nice To Be Nice

I was wondering how to describe the personality of Ohioans, when I saw a sign in front of a church with the above written on it. People are really nice in Ohio, friendly and eager to help, as if it is their duty as Christians or just as human beings. It was almost unsettling and put my own niceness to shame! For example, at the Toledo Museum of Art, which I highly recommend, it was two minutes to closing but the gift shop attendant encouraged me to look around instead of politely trying to toss me out. Not sure if I would be so generous!

My hostess in Toledo, Christine, was also very generous, even though she is originally from New York State. 😉 She treated me to limoncello martinis and some culinary specialities such as pepper cheese bread and lamb lollypops- delicious!- at Rosie’s. She shared with me her college experiences (although we both went to Wells College, our impressions were unique), and explained to me her fascinating work as a social media marketer. (Apologies to Christine if I misrepresent your real title!) Breakfast the next morning was at Schmuckers (nothing to do with jam), where pies are famous, although we both decided we were more in the mood for pancakes, sausage, and home fries. After my jaunt at the museum, we poured over scrapbooks and yearbooks from Wells and feasted on fancy tidbits from salted roasted almonds to seasoned lamb kebobs, to olives and goat cheese and paper thin flat bread and partook of fresh juiced pineapple and grapefruit with coconut rum. Yum! The following morning, I dashed out so quickly before she started an in home yoga lesson that I left my tablet cable behind. I only realized over an hour later and when I texted her, she again most generously agreed to send on the chord. (Thanks Christine!) This was a relief, since I had a seven hour journey ahead of me to St. Charles, Missouri!


Christine at Rosies
Christine at Rosies



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