The Upper Midwest Revisited

So, I spent a few days in Madison, WI, as well as a few nights. In fact, I arrived a lovely late afternoon after zipping up Illinois and into Wisconsin, and somehow still managed to have enough energy to go out to a tango milonga (social), followed by Latin dance at the local hot spot, the Cardinal. I was happy to sleep in the next day but still must have been out of it, because I got lost twice on my way to meet an old friend for lunch. You see, I lived in Madison on two different occasions for a total of nine years. But a lot of changes have taken place within even the three years since I was last here. I found it pretty funny when I asked a cop in the police force where I once dispatched for directions while he was busy directing traffic for an Ironman! He must have been a newer recruit, as I didn’t know him! I stopped by the first apartment I ever lived in Madison. That had not changed much. And neither had Michaels Frozen Custard or Milios subs or Babcock ice cream eaten on the Terrace. Biking with my friend Michaela in the evening was a delight, especially upon stopping to dangle our feet off a dock and watch the late sun over the lake! I also enjoyed having lunch with Petra at the Mediterranean Cafe: She was a good source of information about South Dakota and Wyoming! That last evening, Michaela and I walked her dogs around the neighborhood then took one of them to visit Amy, who had both given us acupuncture. Amy and I hadn’t seen each other in years, so it was a great little reunion!

Finally, the next morning I had to say goodbye to Michaela and then to her dogs and head out towards St. Paul, MN. I stopped along the way for apples and got to my destination around 5:30pm. Mihir, my host for the evening, arrived back from work soon afterwards. We ate out at Big Bowl, which was new for me, an Asian Fusion place. Mihir indulged me afterwards in viewing tons of my pictures on FB and I saw a bunch of his from a recent trip to Poland. I went to bed early since I had a long journey ahead to the Badlands in South Dakota in the morning. Mihir supplied me with some breakfast rations and off I went bright and early!

Mihir and me
Amy, me and Cosi
Mihir & me
Mihir & me


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