Food Love

I rolled into my cousin Karen’s neighborhood in Idaho Falls in the early evening. Not sure where to park, I headed for the house when suddenly action was called on the set. The garage door opened and I could hear voices in there as well as my cousin’s voice inside the house. I had a few seconds to greet husband Scott before he headed off with the youngest, Luke, while Karen and her oldest Lyndsie headed for the car while I moved mine and then hopped into theirs. Whew! Thus was I  initiated into the family’s chaotic life! When Karen and I got to chat, we reminisced about meals at our Oma’s (grandma). For dinner, the table was actually set with dinnerware that Oma had always used! Karen even had tea cups and saucers and a teapot for apple tea in the same pattern! I told Karen of a recent epiphany I had had about food equating love, especially when it came to Oma! The next morning, we prepared for twenty plus teenaged swimmers to devour waffles. I set to work at the wafflemakers and four packets of batter and three hours later, I was declared a pro! You see, the more food, the more love! 😉 And this was Karen’s unconscious mantra as I witnessed her prepare food and more food, meal after meal, not only for her children and husband but for extended family like me and Scott’s relatives! And still, I had the opportunity to taste shrimp tacos at a local Tex-Mex that I had often seen Karen post on FB. They were so yummy! There were other lovely shared family events without food, such as a heated card game and movie viewing that I shall recall very fondly, but the shared love for food is a deeply rooted connection that lasts forever!

Apple tea in Oma dishware
Apple tea in Oma dishware
Karen and me
Karen and me

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