In A Big Country

Don’t you hate when you type a whole bunch of pretty good words and then you lose them because you do something so silly as not save them? Well, it happened!

Anyway, I was driving across South Dakota, admiring the scenery change from farmland to darker rolling hills, when I felt the presence of my deceased folks crowded around the driver’s seat, sharing the enjoyment. “Isn’t this cool?, ” I said out loud. I sensed a hearty vibrational agreement. As I entered the Badlands, skies all blanketed iwith low dark clouds, I was listening to an Indian radio station playing pow wow music. Cool! I was allowed into the Badlands National Park Loop for free, as my campgrounds was on the far side of the park. In the fading light, I veered around odd natural monoliths and got a front row seat to a short demonstration of Bighorns locking horns. I got in a picture and a brief staring contest before having to move on. That night, it was unseasonably cold and also wet, so I slept in my car rather than in my tent.

The next morning I awoke to more overcast wet weather but felt good to be out in nature. I forgot it was 9-11 until I tuned in to Facebook. I was glad to be far from civilization on this particular day! I proceeded to the Black Hills to view Mount Rushmore.The rain turned into snow as I climbed into the hills. I took a brief look and some selfies with the Prezzies and as I was leaving, I turned back and found the monument had disappeared in the fog. I drove a short while to Crazy Horse, listening to two funny dudes on the Indian radio. I was tremendously impressed with the massive scale of the Crazy Horse project, which started out very humbly.

After another short jaunt, I crossed into Wyoming. The visibility was diminishing and my weariness increasing. I stopped for a roast beef dinner at a local diner and continued on with a stiff sore neck over rough roadwork and through fog tunnels until I broke through into a brilliant sunset and arrived at Sheridan in Northwestern Wyoming. I treated myself to a night at a Motel 6. The next morning, I awoke to a lovely view of the snowy Bighorn Mountains before driving up into Montana on my way to Idaho Falls.

I have wanted to visit Montana forever and the state did not disappoint! The landscape was constantly changing from farmland to barren steppes to ladyfinger-shaped bluffs, to snowy mountains majesty to glistening rivers! It was the anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner and although I am not a huge flag waver, I admit, I wept as the song was performed by orchestra and choir on the radio as I passed through such magnificent scenery! Later, I saw an eagle soaring almost directly above me! And the one constant was the big, huge vastness of land all around me. I had arrive in Big Country and I was duly impressed!


Me and the Prezzies
Me and the Prezzies
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse
Gorgeous Montana
Gorgeous Montana

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