The Pacific Northwest Speed Tour

I arrived in the evening of my long journey across the state of Washington at an anonymous friend’s. Since I was exhausted, I was grateful to rest for a while in a very comfortable surrounding! The next afternoon, I met up with my Uncle Tom and his lovely girlfriend Cynthia in the Ballard area of Seattle. Upon my suggestion, we ate dinner at the Sand Point Grill, a cozy cafe that a former college mate, Kristina Bartleson, owns. Unfortunately, it was Kris’ night off, but we each enjoyed a lovely fish dish – I had the salmon special, and we shared an apple pie with Tennessee Whiskey ice cream, which Kris had made. Yum!

Uncle Tom and Cynthia at the Sand Point Grill
Uncle Tom and Cynthia at the Sand Point Grill

The next day, my friend and I headed to Tacoma. The Tacoma Aroma from the pulp mills did not put me off and I greatly enjoyed the Chihuly glass bridge as well as the art museum. I also got to see two sites from the movie Ten Things I Hate About You and eat a burger at the popular Spar, which had a lovely hill view of the water.

Chichuly Glass Bridge
Chichuly Glass Bridge

The following day, I drove up to Vancouver in typical Northwest weather. It was a several hour challenge finding things, from the Visitors Center to parking to a hostel to safe parking near the hostel, and then finally, walking across the bridge in a drizzle to Granville Island, where there were shops and a fabulous market place. I wanted to buy one of everything, but ended up getting two peaches and a beet salad and chatting with the young German seller. A long walk back and then a tasty dirt-cheap sushi dinner before climbing into my upper bunk for the night.



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