Centralia, I Barelia Know You!

I slowed down to talk to the robust roadworker as I exited into Centralia, “I’m new here. How do I get to Yew Street from here?” The road I was to take was closed and I had to take a detour. He patiently detailed the way up and over the bridge and then back on the road on the other side. Cool! A few blocks later, I had arrived at my destination, which looked like Hicksville, from the guy in the cap sitting on the porch to the beat up trucks and ramshackled houses. The cute little house where I was to stay reluctantly revealed itself behind some bushy trees. Heather came out to greet me just as I was getting out of my car and right inside the door, Monkey, the world’s most fluffy and adorable cat (besides my own of course!) was waiting. Heather and I went on through to the backyard to the studio, where her husband Todd was tinkering away. I got to see some of the “junk” beads Heather made, those that were not good enough to use in their jewelry pieces. Heather explained that the two of them made their jewelry completely from scratch, which is highly unusual and a lot of work! They had a big show to prepare for, which was both exciting and nerve racking! But they didn’t let that stress show, as Heather showed me around the house, and when Todd came in, preparations for dinner were started as they answered one of my favorite questions, “How did the two of you meet?!”

Heather and Todd
Heather and Todd
Monkey, the fluffiest cat!
Monkey, the fluffiest cat!

After a delicious curry dinner, Heather and I sat and talked a lot, about Wells, experiences there, our disappointment in the current co-ed situation, etc. When it was quite late, I settled into the comfy sofa and Monkey came to join me. I woke up rather early and just as I was thinking I’d go back to sleep, Heather joined me and we had another very in depth conversation that persisted until early afternoon. Poor Todd couldn’t get much of a word in edgewise! But he did take some pictures of us outside as Heather presented me with a beautiful pair of dark orange earrings. Lots of hugs before I drove off with such a wonderful feeling of well-being!

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