Staying Over in Seattle

One more day in Seattle to spend a bit more time with my friend Miles. It was nice to sleep in after the day before, where I, quiet as I could, rustled my stuff together from my locker and stripped the bed, at 5:30 in the morning. I was worried about the 6am expiration on my car parking at the nearby Holiday Inn. As I walked there, I almost tripped over a traveler sleeping on the sidewalk. I was thankful I was not him! I also realized on my way, that I couldn’t find my feather pouch necklace and thought I must have left it in the room. So I went back to the hostel to disturb my roommates once again and found nothing! Luckily, it turned up in my handbag!

I was on my way into Seattle, feeling kind of lost, when Uncle Tom called and guided me back to Cynthia’s house where I could leave my car AND sleep overnight, if need be. Cynthia also got on the line to tell me where to pick up the bus going downtown. I started feeling a lot more confident, until the bus driver told me I had to have exact change. I got off and regrouped for a second on the bus shelter bench. With some emotion, I went into the retirement home just behind the shelter and asked for help. Luckily, the receptionist was sympathetic and opened a drawer full of change, and gave me a healthy combination of bills and coins. Then it was merely a ten minute wait for another bus. The bus landed me downtown at Pike’s Place Market and I was being entertained by the fish mongers within minutes. I admired the beautiful, beautiful $5 Dahlia bouquets and Seattle-based art. Then I tried a bit of peach and decided to buy one. The $3 huge beauty was tasty and succulent, so, yeah, it was worth it!


I walked through the old part of town and was delighted by the old signs and interesting shop windows as well as dismayed by the amount of homeless folks. But I was told that in Seattle, such folks are taken care of and indeed, one guy who I thought was looking over at me taking a photo of him, was really just anxiously anticipating a burger someone was bringing him from the best burger joint in town, which happened to be near where I was standing!

Best burgers in town
Best burgers in town


Later, I met up with my cousin Reid, who got off his shift at a Mexican restaurant. We walked to the Rabbit Hole in Belltown and chatted there about our travels to Switzerland and other places over drinks. My friend Miles showed up and after a bit more chatter, Reid said his goodbyes and Miles drove me back to Cynthia’s. I decided to stay there the night so I would have more time with Miles. It was nice to have a space of my own for awhile.

Miles & me
Miles & me

Next day, I slept in and lounged around. When I was ready to take a shower, I ran down to my car to get my towel and as I walked out of the house, the door slammed shut behind me. I was locked out! Okay, now what? I rang the doorbell of the tenant downstairs. Luckily, Elizabeth was in and was instrumental in getting help. It took a good half hour of talking to Cynthia’s family on the phone, knocking at the neighbor’s door, calling a locksmith and leaving a voicemail for another tenant, before we finally got an easy solution. Ethan, who lives in the same section of the house, was able to give us his code to his keybox over the phone and voila, I was in the door! I gave Elizabeth a big hug before going up to take that shower!

Later that afternoon, I met with Miles and his friend, Sami, at a conveyor belt sushi place. We had a fascinating conversation about spirituality, while grabbing fish delicacies as they passed by, and as we departed, Sami gave me a small stone to put in my feather pouch! I felt so blessed, as I headed out to my next stop, Centralia, WA!

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