Near New Orleans

Most of my family lives within a half hour of New Orleans. So, my next stop was a no brainer! I arrived at my mom and youngest sister’s gated community around 5:30 or 6 pm after a considerable bit of traffic in Baton Rouge. I was waiting for the gate to open, when the driver behind me got out and swiped his key bob for me. Ah, southern hospitality!

The first evening, I settled in and had a relaxed chat with my mom. Early to bed for an early rise. My sister Diana and I drove to my sister Anne’s to pick up our eldest niece and take her to a soccer game close to Baton Rouge, so I ended up revisiting the last part of my route the day before! It was fun watching the young ladies play soccer and encouraged me to perhaps take up the sport again myself! After that game, we drove to the local field where my younger nieces were playing and Anne was coaching. Although the skill level was not as advanced, I was still impressed with the amount of focus the players had!

Postgame, everyone landed at my mom’s for lunch. We were playing cards when my nephew and brother in law showed up back from my nephew’s football. Before too long, I returned to Anne’s family house and spent the rest of the afternoon guiding the girls in calligraphy/illumination, origami, and quilling. It was exciting to see their creations, even though a definite challenge to juggle their different demands for assistance!

The next morning, my mom treated me to breakfast at Liz’s, a New Orleans institution. There were many painted signs on the walls doubting the strength of men and singing the praises of alcohol. I had a special Eggs Benedict, with fried green tomatoes and crabmeat. Really yummy! We decided to chill for the rest of the day, which was just fine with me! We watched a video and went for a modest walk around the community property. My favorite scene was the turtles bathing in and out of the pond!

Another morning and we had breakfast per my request at Waffle House! I had a pecan waffle and some smothered hash browns, aka fried shredded potato with onions. My Waffle House fix was satisfied! Late afternoon, I drove over to greet the kids coming off their buses. We hung out, I helped with some English homework, braided hair after bath time, and then said good night and good bye. The next morning I would be leaving my mom’s around 9am. But first, I had one more night on the couch with the two kitties; Luna would come wake me to say hi and Golda was a big time snorer. But I wouldn’t have wanted to do without them!

Mom & me
Mom & me

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