Cape with Kitties

My final destination before returning home was to Cape Cod. As the crow flies, Delaware does not seem that far from the Cape. Unfortunately, the only way out of Delaware is through New Jersey so it was six plus hours through five states: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, before arriving in the home state of Massachusetts. Traffic was smooth until right before my last exit to Falmouth. Turned out there was some kind of parade of Harley Davidsons we were waiting on! I felt at home when I arrived at my friend’s house as there were two Subarus in the drive. If I haven’t mentioned yet, I am very happy with my Forester! I chose the seldom used front door to announce my presence. Asja and David welcomed me into their pet-filled home – six cats and one beautiful, loving, intelligent dog, all girls! I enjoyed an elderflower spritzer as we caught up. It had been numerous years since I worked with Asja in Madison, Wisconsin. In the meantime, the family found a property at their vacation destination with my friend’s name on it, literally: an anchor in the backyard held her initials! Asja has also become a rather popular author in the romance genre and she has fans as far reaching as Pakistan! I loved hearing her story of how her new life in Cape Cod has unfolded! Then we drove to the beach!

Of course we took Wissett the dog, named for a nearby salt marsh. She was most happy to jump in the water and play with her doggy friends. I too took off a shoe to dip my foot into the “Atlantic.” I was surprised at the warmth of the water and then learned it was not exactly the Atlantic, instead a bay. Ah well, still a joy!

When we returned, friends Chris and Deidre were there. We had cheese and crackers while working on a jigsaw puzzle and later a hearty meal of steak and potatoes followed by a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake from a local patisserie. I surprised myself by making an expert first cut. Usually I mangle slices!

Afterward it was playtime with various critters. Several of the kitties came out to play with the cat dancer or climb on the counter for mealtime. It was a delight for me, the cat lover that I am, and I grew more impatient to see my own kitty, especially since one of the felines there had a very similar face to mine! The following day, I left promptly at noon and headed West.

Wissett & Asja
Wissett & Asja
Kitties galore!
Kitties galore!

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