Journey Not Quite Concluded

I made it back home to my apartment in Cohoes, NY in four and a half hours. My neighbor Lynn had taken the liberty of decorating my door for Halloween, which was a nice welcome! I let her know I was home and received all my collected mail. She asked about Isabella, my cat, and I told her I had to still pick her up. But first, I unpacked my backpack, went through all my mail and tangoed the night away with fellow dancers. Twas wonderful to receive such a hero’s welcome from the tango community!

The next day, mid morning, I got back into my car and headed West on 90 once again. This time to Ontario, Canada. The border crossing went well; the Canadian guard even said Bonjour to me! I wasn’t quick enough to respond in kind but he remained friendly anyway! When I arrived at my friend Jamal’s house, he was busy in his self-made workshop working on a treehouse for Isabella. He was “way behind” and concerned about finishing it before Isabella and I left. So, I stayed a number of days to give him that chance. We did have some time to enjoy good food and shop at IKEA, which I like to do every time I’m close to one! Jamal’s mechanic, Sam, changed my oil, which was overdo. I was actually supposed to do that when I reached the West Coast! Boy was I lucky I didn’t injure my engine! One evening, we drummed with his neighbor, Hosanna, which was magical…Finally, the tree house was completed and packed in the car along with Isabella in her carrier. Time for the very last leg of this journey. About ten miles outside of Albany, Isabella stirred in her cage and started meowing. She knew, either by scent or some other instinct, that we were almost home. And we couldn’t get there quick enough!

Isabella & me
Isabella & me
Isabella & her new treehouse
Isabella & her new treehouse

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