Songs, Signs, Synchroncity


Cruising through a verdant valley with significant hills in the lovely state of Montana, I fiddled with the radio until I found a song that fit the mood. This song went way back, probably to the seventies, and as I listened, suddenly the voice sang something about back when we were in Montana! I nearly flipped out! I never remember hearing any song talk about Montana and here I was IN the state, listening to such a song! Some people might call it a coincidence, or even heightened awareness to something you might not ordinarily notice. I call it synchronicity.

Carl Jung coined the term as “a significant coincidence of physical and psychological phenomena that are acausally connected.” For me, it meant, things I was thinking of  were mysteriously linked to the external world. Okay, it IS true that I am much more in tune with my surroundings when I am experiencing them for the first time, but I choose to see the world in a magical sort of way. It makes life fun and intriguing! On that same day, I dressed in a unique navy blue top with white elephant print and seventies style fringes on the sleeves. As I went to put it on, I noticed that the label on the collar said “See you Monday.” It was Monday. And I was to finally meet up with a dear friend from college days that evening!

Whatever it was, I would experience a lot of “synchronicities” through out the trip. I met with a friend in Portland and we were headed up a hill in a neighborhood to take a walk in the woods. My friend announced that she needed to pee. I thought to myself, good luck, we are in the middle of nowhere, when suddenly, right around the corner, there was a porta-potty sitting right on the side of the road! What are the odds?! This is actually called manifestation by those who believe in the Law of Attraction – whatever you want or need, if you believe in it, it will be provided to you. She obviously believed!

But I am more of a sign person. It is like the signs are reading my mind. Shortly after our walk, my friend and I drove down in our separate vehicles to Hawthorne Street, a popular Portland neighborhood. On the side of the building, I saw a sign that read “Boston House.” I had met my friend at a house in Boston where I stayed when I went to Teal Swan’s workshop, which was nicknamed “the Boston House.” I was astounded, whereas my friend did not notice that sign.

On the tail end of my trip, I encountered some more interesting songs and signs. I was driving from Austin to New Orleans and heard “Good Morning America, how are you? Don’t you know me, I’m your native son. I’m the train they call the City of New Orleans. I’ll be gone 500 miles when the day is done.” Arlo Guthrie’s song City of New Orleans was so apt at that point, as I was headed that way and would be driving about 500 miles that day!

After I left New Orleans, where most of my family now lives, I saw two very interesting signs – one was a dairy truck that had “Kleinpeter” written on the side and the other was a café that said “Uncle Pete’s” on it. Those not in the know, Peter Klein was my brother’s name. He’s no longer a family member I can visit but my nephew and nieces do talk about their “Uncle Pete,” including on this occasion. Coincidence? Seems too spot on to be one!

Hearing and seeing in the world-at-large things that reflect my personal, inner life, feels good to me! It seems as though my thoughts are being acknowledged and validated. And even though I took this journey by myself, I was never truly alone!

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