Gathering experiences

Here I am back at the Hamilton Public Library. A man who looks like my friend Eric just put on some headphones across the way and is munching on something. “Hi Eric!” I’m wearing white pants and it’s after Labor Day. I wonder if the same fashion rules apply here in Canada as they do in the States. So far, no strange stares, just a genuine smile in response to mine as I walked up the stairs…

So, how was your holiday weekend? Mine was nice. We went to Lake Erie to two different beaches. Beach culture is an experience for me. I don’t quite understand it but it is interesting to observe. People of all shapes and sizes in skimpy apparel. I find myself judging what is appropriate and what is not, while self-consciously wondering if others are doing the same to me. There are tiny tots with their adult crew or older kids working together in the sand, making sand castles from wet sand packed down in a pail and then overturned onto the beach or digging out canals for the waves to rush in and out of. There are couples canoodling in the water and snuggling on the sand. On the first beach, waders reign, and the boaters come out of a canal beyond a pier. On the other, boats are anchored not far from shore and music is blaring from onboard speakers, people are standing in the waist-high water, beers in their hands, talking and laughing. I comment that it is like a tailgate party at a football game, except they are boats, not trucks. Across the lake is the US. Are they doing the exact same thing on the other edge? I really don’t know. I’m a stranger to beach culture, mostly. Unlike some folks there who talked of being there all week or others whose deep tans reveal a longstanding love for being near or on the water. I got a souvenir myself – a nice back and chest burn. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, just barely palpable…

So what did you do? Any new experiences or perhaps reinventing some old ones? At any rate, I hope it was fun!

One thought on “Gathering experiences

  • I got a souvenir myself – a hiker’s sun burn – face, back of my neck, and upper shoulders; all from spending about 20 minutes on top of the highest point in NY state – Mt Marcy! 🙂

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