Another day in Canada, eh

Yesterday evening, I asked our neighbor if she knew about the post-Labor Day-no-white-pants fashion rule and she indicated she had heard of it. Today on my walk to the library, I saw two fashion violations, by a female and a male, each, but then I seriously doubt the fashion police come here to Hamilton. People wear rather non-descript clothes here, so a little white is actually a breath of fresh air!

I was rather prolific yesterday at the library, drafting four vignette  for my one woman show. “What is this one woman show about?,” I often hear. My response: “It’s about love, passion, and life.” Rather wide open description, eh? (Getting my Canadian on) Leaves a lot of mystery, which is good. But I’ll give you some hints: true love, tango, brotherly love, and crushes. That was on the literary menu yesterday. Today, unrequited love. This is drafting time, throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what patterns emerge. Fine-tuning comes later. This is the fun part. Brain storming, emotional spewing, whatever you want, just create it! If you have any ideas about love you’d like to see explored, I’d love to hear about it! Until then, let’s crank the tunes and watch Tedx videos for inspiration and let the show unravel!

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