What you need for an afternoon at the library

When you plan to make an afternoon of it at your local public library, here are some things you need to ensure your comfort:

  1. Warm cloths/sweater/cardigan – with the AC blaring non-stop, eventually, you are gonna feel a chill, so have some means of keeping your body temp in a comfortable range.
  2. Laptop – this handy device can entertain you in a multitude of ways, from listening to music, watching videos, keeping up with Facebook friends, reading emails, calling your dad on Skype, or actually writing blog entries or show vignettes.
  3. Earphones – so you can listen to your songs and videos and dad without bothering other people – dang! I forgot mine today!
  4. Water – to keep you hydrated of course
  5. Snacks – to stave off hunger – this I have yet to bring and this usually drives me out of the library eventually.

There you have it, the five essentials. Do go try an afternoon at your local library – you are out and about amongst people, yet can create your own little world with these items. Don’t forget to smile once and a while – makes people wonder what you are up to! And pick up literature to find out what other things your library can offer you. Mine has a list of 125 items, because it is the 125th anniversary of library (Hamilton Public Library, Ontario, Canada). If I do 10 things and report it, I can be entered in a lottery. Woohoo! Libraries are the best!

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