Reinvent Yourself in A New Place

In a new place/country, you are not held by the same rules you are used to. Yes, there are other rules to live by here, but you aren’t expected to know them all at once. So, you are given leeway, and, this is the best part, YOU CAN REINVENT YOURSELF! Say you want to be more outgoing or express your true nature. Nobody here knows you, so if you end up looking like an idiot, who cares?! Of course, I’m not condoning breaking any of the Commandments, but think of it as a do over. If you had the chance to start all over again, how would you like your life to be/look like?

I’ve always been extremely shy when it comes to guys. Yesterday, I found myself staring some handsome hard-hatted guy in the face, as I passed by, without blinking or turning away, until, finally, I received an inkling of a smile back. Ha!

Sitting down and working on a project for long stretches at a time is “not my thing.” Yet, I find myself looking forward to coming to the library every afternoon and more days than not have been writing up a storm! How this? Well, where I am staying is rather cramped and full to capacity with things I’d much more like to avoid (like unpacking or doing dishes) than writing. But also, it is a new place and the reset button has been set in my head. And if you are gonna start over, you might as well create a productive habit or two. As well as fun ones. But, one step at a time.

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