What I Have Learned in the Last Six Years

It’s been over six years now since I left my full-time, 8:30-5 office job. I have had the opportunity to explore some really cool and creative jobs, taken numerous crafts and performing arts classes, and traveled both in the US and abroad. I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Wanna know something about it? Okay, here goes:

  1. Being uncomfortable is what it’s all about – you have to be willing to take risks, learn something new, and look stupid. Ultimately you will feel more comfortable again, as you get more involved in new activities, or at least will get used to doing new things.
  2. Don’t over-analyze things, just let it flow. Concentrate on having fun and not on being perfect. “Practice makes perfect, but humans are not perfect, so why practice?” Saw that on a restaurant billboard.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. This is a HUGE one for me and I have to constantly remind myself. If you compare yourself to others, you will always find yourself lacking. Instead, celebrate who you are – your talents and your zaniness.
  4. Accept yourself as you are RIGHT NOW. I have always felt, I’ll be okay, when I’m less depressed and more happy, or less obsessed and more self-possessed. But you are perfect right here right now AS YOU ARE!
  5. You are powerful and strong. And are valuable to the world. You have every right to feel confident and secure. Your message NEEDS to be heard!
  6. Only do what you want to do, what feels right. No need to do something you don’t like first before getting to what you want. Do ONLY what you want to do. If you wanna lay on the couch, eat a bag of chips and another of Twizzlers and binge watch your favorite show, just do it. And feel fabulous doing it.
  7. You are a human BEING – concentrate on BEING rather than DOING
  8. Let go of situations, people, thoughts that are not serving you. You do not have to take care of other people. Allow them the chance to take care of themselves.
  9. Believe that your life CAN change, your attitude CAN change. At any moment, you have the power to change your thoughts, your mood, by imagining that what you really want to happen in your life, the kind of life you want can occur if you simply allow it to be.
  10. Punishing yourself is so overrated. You deserve the life you want. You’re good enough, you’re strong enough, and gosh darn it, people like you. Actually, you are BRILLIANT and people are in love with you. Seems crazy, but it is true.
  11. Simply allow. That is all.
  12. It’s perfectly fine to rely on others. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. And to love. Love is all there is.
  13. Follow your own rules. Abolish all rules you have learned that do not serve you. My #1 rule is HAVE FUN!

There you have it. In a nutshell. Because brevity is the soul of wit. Said Shakespeare via Mrs. Petty, my awesome 10th grade English teacher. Peace, out!

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