Meeting People in a New Place

You are in a new city, a new country and you are feeling lonely. You look around and don’t know a soul. What to do? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Explore said city and find a space – a café, library, park – where you feel good vibes. (Luckily I had done some recon when I had previously visited and already knew that I wanted to hang out in the four-floored Hamilton Central public library.) Make it a routine to go there until you feel like you belong. You are more likely to attract positive vibes. And maybe you will see some nice eye candy. Yesterday, I spotted a young Clark Kent with a library badge handing around his neck. Today I saw him again. It made me smile – it is SO nice to recognize people!
  2. Eavesdrop on conversations and if you hear something interesting, politely enter the discussion. Yesterday, I heard some youngsters discussing traveling to Arizona and where to go to be close to the Grand Canyon. Since I had taken a cross-country trip that landed me in that neck of the country, I felt compelled to jump in and luckily they were nice enough to receive my suggestions. Be sure you do say something right away, before your inner gremlins tell you it is not a good idea.
  3. Keep your eyes open for group activities that you enjoy. I saw a flyer for a knitting and crocheting group at the library. Last Friday, I walked by the group in a beautiful Irish knit sweater my mom made and someone actually commented on it! I started talking to some members and was invited to come the following week, which is today. I will head over to the group soon and start a new crocheting project – a snowy owl.
  4. Talk to anyone you already know and see what activities you can get involved in. My friend and host has invited me to go hiking with him and his colleagues this evening. Our next door neighbor went with me to a café yesterday and we happened to see a sign for a dance studio. We checked it out, I wrote an email or two to inquire about using the space to practice my dancing for the show. Negotiations are underway.
  5. Smile at random people on the street. Yesterday, after writing a blog entry that made me feel good and getting nice feedback from FB friends, I felt like a ray of sunshine and couldn’t help smiling at strangers. They responded in kind! What an exhilarating feeling. I’ve continued doing it today.

I’m sure there are tons of things you can think up. What fun and innovative ways have you found to meet new people? Have a blessed, beautiful day!

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