Hard to Follow A Day Like Yesterday

I’m sitting in the library, messing around, listening to songs, messaging people on FaceBook, and my oh my it’s after 3:30 already! Aaah! I have come to the hard part of the writing – trying to mesh everything together so there will be seemless transitions and succinct wording. Oh, I am seriously dragging my feet, because right now it looks like a horrible mess! But yesterday was cool, so let’s talk about that for a minute.

First of all, I have found a dance studio, a perfect match to the dimensions of the theater where I’ll be performing. There are mirrors for me to examine how my moves look and speakers on one end of the room where I can plug in my electronic gadget of choice and play my tunes. There are also ballet barres where I can warm up. But the BEST thing was that I got approval to use the space from 9:30-5pm every weekday! And the rental price is low, low, low. I’m sooo excited and looking forward to starting there next week!

As I was walking to the library yesterday, I saw a woman applying fake snow to the sidewalk and asked if they were decorating for winter. She said there was a Christmas movie that would be filmed there today! “Cool!” was my response! Then when I was sitting in my corner of the library, Mr. Clark Kent staff guy walked by and he returned the smile I gave him! Nice!

Yesterday afternoon, I did manage to mash all my stories into one draft, putting them in a possible order. Now I have to go back and rub and rub until the raw gem is polished to a shine.

In the evening, I walked to the grocery store, bought a couple of ingredients, and whipped up some mean meatballs, boiled a package of spaghetti and added an already opened sauce. Yummy, yum, yum! Tonight will be Pad Thai – I made a somewhat mediocre batch last week, so hope to improve on that tonight! Oh, and maybe some Apple Crisp with some super sweet and crunchy Honey Crisps we got at a farm this weekend for dessert!

So, even if I don’t get anything accomplished with my draft, sounds still like the day won’t be ruined! Hope you all have been having a lovely day that continues on into the evening!

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