Too Much Coffee Man!

Okay, I stole my title today from a comic book by Shannon Wheeler, but it’s too cool! I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker. In fact, my first cup was probably in Germany at a “Kaffeeklatsch,” German’s answer to tea time. I was too polite to say no. The first time I had more than one cup, I felt so strange. Like I needed a nap but was too antsy to lay down. So I went for a walk with my friend instead. Then took a nap. Problem solved. Over the years, I have started to drink socially in the States, meeting friends at coffee places, sipping a latte while chatting about life. Still, I did not drink it in the morning to get myself going. Until this summer, than I started getting the taste several times a week. But when I ditched my apartment in Cohoes, NY, I also ditched a lot of my stuff, including my coffeemaker. Here in Canada, Tim Horton’s is more beloved than Starbucks, and I have to say, I am a Timmy fan. But my friend doesn’t drink coffee, so I feel weird getting a coffee more than a few times since I’ve been here. Yesterday, I met up with a new friend whom I got to know in the library and we went to a local coffeehouse. She is from England, so she ordered a tea, but it was a good time to enjoy my latte. And I realized that I associated coffee with warm chats with girlfriends about stuff that was important to us. There was one friend in particular that I met with often in the Albany area. I discussed her with my new friend, about how one day she told me she was looking forward to seeing me the next evening and then never showed and never responded to any of my messages. I felt hurt and wondered if it was something I had said that turned her off. My new friend told me it most likely was that my Albany friend just didn’t know how to deal with my leaving the area. Somehow this made me feel better, less responsible. Nothing in life is really cut and dry, is it? Nothing is perfect. And just because someone acts in a way you don’t understand does not mean all is lost. It’s just that, it’s hard not knowing what is going on. I am curious. We are curious beings. The future is unknown. Especially mine. In two weeks, I’ll be heading back to New York’s Capital Region to perform in my one woman show. Then I’ll visit my dad for his 80th birthday and road trip down the East Coast to the Keys and then over to New Orleans to see the rest of my family for a while. After that? Who knows. Hopefully I’ll get a clue along the way!

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