Lest We Forget

I’ve been seeing these red poppies on Canadians’ lapels even before November began. They are in remembrance of veterans who fought and died for their country. I have also been seeing buses with their digital sign in front “Lest We Forget,” also meant to remind Canadians of those who protected the country’s freedom. In the United States, although we don’t wear a flower, we share Veteran’s Day. It saddens me that any lives were lost in war. That war even exists. In fact, “Lest We Forget” reminds me of Sting’s song “Fragile,” where he sings “Nothing Comes From Violence and Nothing Ever Could” as well as the line “Lest We Forget How Fragile We Are.” This is my belief. So here’s wishing that we can learn to replace war with peace, harmony, and connection. So that there will be no one we will need to remember who died in the name of patriotism. Amen!

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