What IF

My friend Jamal and I have one major disagreement: He believes that I will automatically go to hell because I do not worship God as a single powerful entity. I don’t believe in hell. Is it then possible that such a place exists for me if I don’t believe in it? And if we do create our own reality, can anything exist in our world if we don’t give it power or belief?  For instance, let’s take the matter of money. Everyone believes they want more of it, tons more of it, and as a result often feel stressed or frustrated when they don’t have more. And why do we believe in something that is represented in some dirty scraps of green paper? Because we associate it with happiness, with being able to get whatever we want in life, freedom from worry, prestige, wealth, an attractive partner, etc. But what IF, you could attract those things to you WITHOUT needing money? What IF you looked for other methods to get what you wanted. One excellent way is to reach out to others and make connections. Everyone has something to offer – special talents, knowledge, ideas – that can enrich your life much more than money ever can. In the Western world, we have become closed off to one another by a need to be independent and self-sufficient. But really, doesn’t it feel good when someone smiles at you? What IF you just said hi to that person? Who knows what could result. The world of What IFs is huge, but let me just end here by saying let’s start with connection to other life forms. The energy and well being you will receive is much more rewarding than a million bucks! At least, that is my belief!

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