Do We Need To Conform?

It’s finally the kind of wintry day you would expect in Ontario, Canada. Blustery wind just blew open the front door and welcomed itself inside. Apparently, the door has to stay locked during this weather!

I just got back from a walk. I was crossing the last street before my own. An old man was crossing up ahead of me using a walking aid. As I passed him, I said hi and asked if he needed help. He looked happy to engage and said he was on his way to wash his clothes and asked me if I wanted to help. I said, “No thank you.” and turned the corner on my way home. But I immediately felt bad. Here was an opportunity to meet someone new, like I had talked about in my last blog, and I am turning it down! Also, I asked him if he needed help and then said no to helping him!!! Okay, so I didn’t quite feel like it. Why pressure myself?! It seems so easy to should all over myself. I wonder how many of you do the same thing? Probably everyone. We think there are rules we need to follow, always, and if we don’t, we feel guilty. But is it really necessary? To bring ourselves down? To remind ourselves of the ways that we are not living up to snuff? Would our society fall apart, if everyone stopped being so hard on themselves for what they didn’t do? I think not. How about you?

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